There is just something about Dove's Cream Body Wash. For starters, the scent is soft and pleasant. After getting a whiff of the smell, examining the texture was next on my list. Squeezing a little on the top of my hand, and rubbing it in gently, gave me a chance to see how the body wash felt against my skin. Cremey, smooth, and easily absorbed. This Dove product did not lather like regular soap does. It went onto my skin like a very rich moisture creme. Take a look at this miracle product before I tell you more!

Complimentary product provided for review

Now, I can tell you more about my experience with Dove Visiblecare Creme Body Wash. In a few words, enjoyable, relaxing release. More on the specifics, increasing my desire to cleanse again, so I did just that, washing two more times before I left the shower. It felt so good on my skin. After getting out, my skin felt soft before I dried off. The most amazing thing about Dove's Visiblecare Creme Body Wash was how my skin appeared once my shower was finished. Usually applying lotion to my damp skin is how I try to proceed. Because of my evaluation of Dove, I proceeded a little bit differently.

My goal was to really evaluate my skins response after the first use, so I did not apply lotion to see how the condition of my skin would measure up more or less than usual. The immediate results were better than I had anticipated. Normally, when I do not apply lotion, my skin dries with a heavy ashy look. Not after using Dove! My skin did not appear to be heavily ashy after using Dove's Visible Care Creme Body Wash, and I was so pleased that I went back into the bathroom to read the label. Visibly more beautiful skin in a week is Dove's promise. Softening the skin & dry spots is also a primary goal for Dove's Body Wash. After the first use my skin responded with noticable improvements, appearing to be in an improved state when compared to my normal shower routine. The results were so good; I cant wait to finish the whole 18 ounces of goodness offered by Dove. The opportunity to sample a product offering this type of quality makes giving my review a pleasure.