The NBA Superstar Dwight Howard has asked to be traded, citing one reason in particular as a factor affecting his choice to leave. What is it? Simply, his "voice" in team decisions needs to have more of an impact. This all seems like a bad dream that many fans will have to relive over and over at first earful, but at least the shock of it all is not done in last minute spontaneity. The Orlando Magic Center is soon to be a free agent, so if team officials are planning to take full advantage of their winning hand, things need to be completed by the trade deadline in mid March. However, there is an overall feeling within the Orlando Magic Franchise,  for Howard to remain with the team. Here is Dwight Howard on the sidelines of the Y-3 Fashion Show, out of his sporting gear in casuals, holding his hands and not the B-ball.

NEW YORK, NY - ...Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard attends the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at 82 Mercer ... 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images for Y-3) *** Local Caption *** Dwight Howard

 If your sweet dreams have turned into nightmares because of Howard's decision to leave us Floridians, then please realize now that you are not alone in dreamland. The stall of the season has ended, and now it's time to prepare for the absence of one of the best big body centers to ever spread his magic around on the court and through the hoops for a goal. Who will replace him? Surely there will be someone, but his reputation will carry on. That means that he won't be losing his fans. Although there is still some uncertainty concerning Dwight Howards exit, his agent Dan Fegan is in negotiations with 3 teams on Howard's short list. Brian Schmitz is calling the situation surrounding his strategic exit Deja Shaq, and Howard's arm is the wand pointing in the direction of the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the New Jersey Nets. My wish is that his decision or indecision grants his spirit the greatest peace when he shakes and closes the deal.

Sure, there are mixed feelings about his departure coming from Floridians, but at least there is more certainty and less controversy than the LeBron James exit from Cleveland. For that reason, fans will have a chance to get settled with the idea, and the ache of his absence will heal as soon as he suits up and bounces down the court and scores a basket. Fans will do what they always have done. They will look up on the score board, as the numbers appear, and cheer with enthusiasm. Since news of his possible departure spread like wildfire in all forms of media and also in the streets of neighborhoods throughout my city, there has been mostly positive talk. One fan, spoke to me directly, after reading a headline in a newspaper saying, I don't care where Dwight Howard moves to, he is my hero, my Giant, and I'm riding with him until retirement. Those words warmed my heart and made me realize the true impact athletes and other celebrities have on those that admire them. Dwight Howard is a true inspiration to a generation. He will be missed.  I'm certain he is not concerned about his voice being heard now.  I hear him loud and clear!  Do you?