These days Dwight Howard is doing his best to play the game like only he could as the center/powerhouse of defense for the Orlando Magic. He has his own style of seriousness in the way he presents himself, but he also knows how to show a less serious side of his personality. How does he do it? First, he is not afraid to laugh or appear playful in front of a crowd. Behaving in such a way affects people in a positive way. For one, showing that type of attitude in public makes him more approachable. In the right setting, fans will not feel so intimidated because of Dwight Howard's size. Here is Dwight in motion on the court with an oh my God expression on his face.

Dwight Howard

In late 2011 before the New Year came rushing in, Howard appeared on the Tonight Show, and he did something that you may find hard to believe. He shared his less serious side by doing a few impressions. Click Here for Howard's Shaq impression. Who else can he imitate? Charles Barkley and Arnold Schwarzenegger are a couple of other impressions that he hits out of the park. How does that add up to score for personaity? Big, very very big. Dwight Howard knows how to get a good laugh out of his audience when he's not pounding the court competing for a goal. We should all follow Dwight Howard's lead and never be afraid to share who we are with anyone. Playful attitudes may not be appropriate all the time, but they are welcoming and hospitable.