The body of a super athlete like Dwight Howard goes through a lot during the coarse of a game. even with bench stamina required to make it through a full game requires massive amounts of energy. Going the distance on the court is only one part of what's needed or expected of a player during a game. In the picture below Dwight Howard looks like he is reading a crystal ball. Take a look!

Dwight Howard

Okay, maybe we will never know what Dwight Howard is thinking in that moment. What we do know is that a players body goes through a lot on the court. Playing defense and posting up in the paint can sometime result in an injury. That's exactly what happened to Howard recently. Howard was injured and sat out of a game, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper. It was reported to be a minor back injury, and Howard is expected to be back on the court in no time.

The injury is not what concerned us the most at Abornewords. We became extremely worried when we heard that Dwight Howard usual sunshine personality apparently was not as sunny. In fact, he refused to speak with reporters about his injury. Howard has some of his fans concerned even though he has been seen showing support for his teammates. We know that fans are interested in what Howard has to say about his injury and recovery process.

We pray that Dwight Howard will be showing his pearly whites and fun loving personality again real soon. We have nothing but love for him and what he does on the court.