Ahhh......a real sigh of relief for all the loyal Superman fans who were left in limbo with thier thoughts thinking major destruction like krytonite's danger to the actual Superhero, when the news first broke that Howard could possibly be suiting up with another team. Thinking along those lines was something that many fans dreaded to even ponder and the idea of the deadline coming during the height of the Basketball Season, just salted the idea even more. Yuck, what a bad taste for fans. Many fans feel as I do, relief. Now all fans really have to be concerned with is who will post up against Orlando's Superstar on the court in an effort to stop his power dunk or spin and hook shot. If the Blog Post heading didn't make it clear, Dwight Howard is not going anywhere, anytime soon. He has decided to stay where he is loved and appreciated! Check out Dwight Howard without his game time attire on looking more mature and ever so stylish.


Normalcy in the land of Florida again with this latest news that dropped early this morning. The next step is getting tickets to one of the upcoming games which I'm sure will be a struggle. The upcoming games will more than likely be sold out. For those of us who end up without a ticket, thank God for television. Dwight Howard is ours, until further notice!