Stop playing with me! Say it ain't so, please. All we managed to see was part of a headline a few days ago, but we knew it could mean trouble if taken out of context. Commentary about the teams woes and Dwight Howard's role in the departure of Stan Van Gundy could turn into a nasty tell all, if the talented writer Brian Schmitz decides to sling mud instead of love toward Dwight Howard. Taking the good with the bad is what most celebrities must do, when media attention falls left or right on the number line. Handling it in such a way shows wisdom and a willingness to see everyone's side. The celebrity, the media, and the fans all play a role in the way the story line takes shape. Before we try to explain the role each party plays in the too hot news scheduled for release via cyberspace, take a look at what we hope does not happen once it does.

Depending on the loyalty of fans in favor of the majority, Dwight Howard or Stan Van Gundy could become the source of irritation for many devotees.  Love it or hate it, public opinion matters. Dwight Howard has been the object of his fans affection for so long, so it is probably going to be hard for them to abhor his very existence at the turn of a few pages. Stan Van Gundy took his walking papers, but there were a lot of fans who hated to see him take his black jacket and leave. The personalities of player and coach will weigh in as the decider, but we think the scale will tip evenly. Just think about it, the publics emotional state is really going to be based on how they see the team moving forward from here, as a whole. Dwight Howard mentioned, it is all about the team and the game of Basketball. All is not lost for anyone involved here. Everyone has their own journey to live out.  People change jobs all the time, and it's never the end of the world. Moving on is a part of life that must happen in order for progress to be realized sometimes.

The media has a right to take sides, but also a responsibility to be impartial when sharing the news with the masses, to a degree. Celebrities should not be attacked when their views are not always politically expressed. Athletes are still human you know! They do not bleed chocolate milk but blood just like us. Lastly, fans are entitled to feel and express themselves just the way they want too because the journey of a fan can't really be put into words very easily. There is a cycle in motion that makes a fans story so uniquely good. Darn good and relevant to the overall telling of the story.  We pray that the story gently unfolds impartially.  Abornewords hopes that everyone will just stop the madness and share the love. Sweet dreams.  It's all about the game.