Well I guess Bristol Palin (Sara Palin's daugther) is not living by Lady Gaga's words. Gaga's song The Fame talks about living for the material, having a taste for champagne, and just living for the fame. The exact lyrics that grabbed me and shook my being were sung by the Born This Way Monster as follows: "All we care about is runway models, Cadillacs and liquor bottles, give me something, I wanna be, retro glamour Hollywood yes we live for the Fame, Doin' it for the Fame".... Lyrics like that come across strong and certainly are expressing a craving to be noticed. Bristol Palin, after getting a taste of the glamorous life as a DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) contestant apparently feels differently about being under the radar. Watch Here and find out just what Bristol Palin is doing these days to get back to some normalcy. Find out also how she is getting a fresh start to give her son Trip a mother to look up too.

There is nothing wrong with the spotlight, but all the lights and attention can give you a new perspective once you get a taste of the big time. Young people be aware and beware! Real fame might not be what you really want (if you go after it) be sure you are ready to handle what comes your way. Do you have the Bristol Palin mentality or the Lady Gaga Song Fever ?