E-Commerce is proliferating as social networking get bigger and bigger. It is becoming the go to shopping experience for most consumers interested in skipping those long checkout lines and reducing their fuel expenditures. The best thing about E-Shopping is that your goods arrive at your door front without any real effort or exertion on your part. There is no need to load everything into the car or carry your recyclable bags in tow on your shoulder. Everything is there when the door bell rings almost instantly or at least before lunchtime the next business day depending on your shipping choice. When you hear knuckles pounding on the front door, the anticipation builds until you final have your goods in hand.

#Canada is lagging behind the rest of the developed world in 'storefront' e-commerce

Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook have been identified by some as giants of consumer tech. At least that is how Ashlee Vance sees it. Giants or not, anytime shopping or advertising is involved, no one can loose. Product awareness is as important as product sales. In fact, it's probably more important. Consumers have to be aware of what you have so that the demand for a product can build. The result is closed sales; a product purchase. No doubt, there is money to be made and enough market share available for everyone to snatch a piece of the pie.

For some consumers the E-Shopping experience loses points for the impersonal environment. After all, there is no face to face contact, and a shipping error can mean longer wait times to receive products. It's true, no face to face interaction can be a pain when there is an automated system involved, but on the internet online chat can solve that problem or give some immediate instruction to a consumer who is seeking to resolve service or technical related issues. Having that type of help readily available is the mark of good customer service.

E-Shopping has other perks too. Retailers strive to leave an impression on the consumer to encourage loyalty and repeat business. Their tactics usually involve extra online discounts, coupons, or even free trial size gifts. Trial size gifts is I want to focus on now because I recieved one that not only impressed me, but it made me want to purchase the product for my own use in the future. The brand that is responsible for wowing me so is Sally Hansen, but I was only able to find a Kingsley Product to show you. Here is what impressed me so much.

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How cute right? These made me feel like such a prissy chic. Real girly and extra sassy. These itsy bitsy things will surely direct a few more jealous eyes your way, so get ready for the haters y'all. No matter girls still be your best self an pamper yourself until you feel the comfort that you know you deserve. Love yourself and remember purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

E-Commerce can present a lot of convenience. Saving time and money are only a couple of the perks the consumer recieves, and retailers stand to gain even more from E-Shoppers if they strive to get it right in cyberspace. Discounts available only to internet shoppers encourages consumers to buy, buy, buy. The extra little gifts (even trial sizes) make an impression and also give consumers a way to test out new products for an experience that will often be remembered. Word of mouth is everything in the competitive business of sales.