Special occasions are times that we look forward to with increasing anticipation. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaires carry so much sentimental value. That's why each year the element of surprise becomes more important. How much you spend is not a significant factor, unless somehow you are feeling like you want to show off. Great gifts don't have to break the bank. The proof will be evident before you finish this read, guaranteed. Figuring out a new way to celebrat, so that we can see the amazing smile of a loved one, get that peek on the forehead, or see those wide streched eyes blinking with excitement is all it takes to really motivate thoughtful shopping. Thoughtful shopping garners gifts that leave a lasting impression. This past Valentines Day was extra special. the game changer turned out to be a sweet treat with a Chinese twist. Take a look at a beautiful picture of a very favorable chocolate treat and you will understand why great gifts don't have to cost a fortune.

Chocolate Fortune Cookies!

That's right folks, you are seeing right. It's chocolate covered fortune cookies! Emily's Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies come crispy and packed with bursting flavor! An extra something on the side is just a way to modestly describe how I feel about these amazing fortune cookies. Reading the words of wisdom increased the sentimental value of this gift big time. I kept thinking about the red shiny packaging and the cool presentation. A super winner in the gift category, when you're looking score major points and be remembered above the rest.

Forget show me the money. Show me Emily's Chocolate Covered Love Fortune Cookies and I will show you a smile that says I'm satisfied. Blushing was all I could do as I ate each piece, savoring the moment of the chew. I didn't mind purchasing another box either. Fresh, crunchy, and pleasing to my palette. I have eaten so many different chocolate candy bars, but none of those candy bars could top the sentiment of Emily's Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies. Gift giving is made easy when you choose Emily's Products. Yummy!


Here's what Emily's wants consumers to know:   "At Emily's we take great care to source only the finest ingredients from around the globe. This ensures that every one of our chocolate treasures-- whether filled with sweet ripe fruit, wholesome fresh-roasted nuts, or gourmet espresso beans -- is as rich and authentic as it can possibly be. After all, you deserve the best, pure and simple"