Estelle is the woman with the Thank You song that has women thinking twice about mourning over a relationship gone bad. She sings, "I wanna thank you for making me a woman" in a tone that is really expressing her acceptance of the fact that she has to grow up in order to really claim her womanhood status. In "Thank You", her lyrics seem to lead down a road of pain with little doses of joy along the way. Here is Estelle dressed in green hells and a strapless evening dress, attending The Art of Elyium's 5th Annual Heaven Gala.

Estelle - The Art Of Elysium's 5th Annual Heaven Gala - Arrivals

Singer Estelle

Estelle did perform that evening as well giving her an opportunity to dress in fine clothes while sharing her God given talent. Her soulful sound makes you think back to the days of Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. For a listen to the hit single Thank You and a look at the new video Click Here

The feathered hairstyle will never go out of style, especially when you pair it with a beautiful strapless dress like she's wearing. With a tightly toned body to match her retro look, she is glamorous, poised, and in shape. 

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Photo Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images