The new customed made jewelry maker Faberage is now easy to find in New York. A Boutique just opened on Madison Ave. We just got a hold of a unique looking photo showing off a showcase of about 7 pieces of jewelry from this successful company. Here are these beautiful stones encased under lock and key.

Faberge Celebrate Opening of Flagship Store In New York 

Jewelry is the best accessory a girl can have, but many are questioning if there is a limit to how much should be worn on pink collar jobs. An office setting does call for professional attire, but I say live and let live. You only live once, so live it up. Jewelry makes some women feel more glamorous and some men more socially acceptable, as far as status goes. Following company dress codes is appropriate, but rules are not always so cut and dry. There is give and take in anything. Make choices that are right for you while also satisfying the needs of your employer. Too much jewelry at the office can be distracting, so do a mirror and light check. If your jewelry is blinding you, blink twice and think about your coworkers and clientele.