Glamour and story telling commonly associated with the elegance of Faberge' Jewelry is the statement being used to describe the style of this high end jewelry creator. That's the impression marketing executives wants consumers to buy into. In fact, the Russian-Lithuanian Model who was chosen to face up for the brand is supposed to help pull in more clientele and express the brands message clearly. Take a look at this posing beauty.

She clearly has somthing, an affectionate, gazing stare and beautiful eyes and skin. The statement piece around her neck is a keeper too. The brand is hoping to cash in big on jewelry sales this fall in large part because of how Bee Gee, the model represents the overall message of glamour and elegance. According to some sources, she goes by the name Bee Gee. Her face and the way she wears the jewels is supposed to be powerful enough to turn admiration into greenbacks. Faberge was so please withg her look and may include her in future jewelry campaigns. We will have to wait and see what else Faberge has up their sleeves. For now, we want you to take a look at a statement piece that's similar to the one she is wearing on her neck.

Looks like a glamour girls dream necklace right? Click the star to read a short story many of you may know