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It's true that FaceBook is a great marketing tool, a favorable brand building method, and a great way to stay in touch with those who matter most. The whole presentation of the platform forms a social environment that encourages constant interaction. Content providers seem to not be able to get enough of it, but there is another issue at hand for the social media giant. FaceBook's effort to protect the identity and account security of it's users is becoming a source of irritation for some FaceBook users because FaceBook does not seem to have adequate customer service representatives in place, to address issues related to account access. Some users have even complained about waiting as long as a month or more before account issues are corrected.. To date, there does not seem to be a customer service telephone number listed for FaceBook, but there is a third party company claiming that it's representatives can help with account related issues.

The company is accused of trying to use their position to charge FaceBook users fees amounting to as much as $50 to help with account access issues. It is not known if this third party company is affiliated with FaceBook directly, but Fackbook users need to remember that there are no fees associated with gaining access to their Facebook accounts. FaceBook has obviously not taken the opportunity to utilize the primary email of it's usrs to send verification codes, when cell phone numbers fail, in order to verify identities. Not doing so is said to be causing businesses to build up a social networking backlog that can potentially affect earnings. FaceBook has not released a public statement confirming or denying affiliation with the third party company accused of charging fees to help with account issues, so it is still unclear if the company is acting independently or not.

Even with the current uncertainty surrounding FaceBook's customer service , one thing is clear. Every business wants to address the concerns of it's customers to make sure that their needs are met. We are sure that FaceBook will make changes that will improve the way customer service problems are handled. Still, if FaceBook does not change their tactics, users will likely turn to Twitter and other social platforms to maintain a social presence in this digital age. The only caveat for consumers is: watch out for these FaceBook Bandits who are trying to charge money to correct problems related to FaceBook account access.