Women get a bad rap for so many things. Labels like too emotional and too attached are only a tip of the iceberg. Girls get the raw deal right from the start. From the first time we step into our first mini skirt or strut across the floor in our mothers high heel shoes, we are accused of being too womanish, too fast, or too grown up for our own good. We do not make it any easier for ourselves, when we sabbatoge our friendships by being overly competitive. Our nature to automatically be proud of our overall look is okay, but we make it known to our girl pals sometimes to a fault. Flipping hair is fair game, and so is showing off navel piercings. For the women who value made up faces and lip loveliness, their traincases are the treasure box that creates show and tell. Model bodies, we can not forget to mention you for all your dedication to fitness. Yes, we understand here at Abornewords that you worked hard to get your body right. In our little ways, women, we all have things about ourselves that we love to show off. Using what we got in a catty way can get us into a little trouble, if we are not careful. Those starches can really hurt feeble egos too, so try to be mindful of your sisters under God.

It is clear that women know how to use their assets, but what happens when parents pull out the wild card? Kids are the wild card we dare to speak of and mention only to explore the wielding power of the dish. Kids have helped women bring in the winning numbers during a battle of the sexes on countless occasions. Seriously, kids equal leverage for some parents who want to ante up for love or money. Don't know anyone who has pulled it off successfully? Just watch television, pick up a novel or two, or better yet search the internet for the stories, and you will begin to understand why we are calling kids the wild card. Women sure have been accused of using pregnancy to trap men. Using children to get men to give in and show their sympathetic side makes some women even more proud of procreation. Manipulating situations by using cute kids is the best weapon to bring to the battle for love or even money. Oh, but let's not give women all the credit for their open door kid tactics. Males will also introduce the kid card to get their way too, women are just better at hiding their intentions because of their natural nurturing qualities.

Who can say which gender wins in the battle to use the wild card? The underlying question is, how fair is it to do so? No matter what your answer to that question is, you have to admit that sometimes, you can't resist their beautiful faces.