Fall is here and the signs are all over in nature and the outdoors is looking beautiful. Winter in Florida is like summer with a few unusual burst of a super cold breeze. Breeze being the chosen word because it never last long enough to make it to full wind. There is no longevity in Florida's winter days. If there is a span of 2 weeks or so, consider that the worst it will probably get before temperatures are rising on your thermostat again.

Around this time of the year I always feel like I want to crate a moment. A moment special to me because of my desire to engage my own thoughts and senses. As I was actively doing so, the contents of nature captured my attention and took me over, until I found myself bent down with improper body alignment, reaching to grab leaves from green grass dampened by rain. Here's what I had to get a hold of:



Take it form me they look better wet than they do dry. I tell you that because I actually watched them go transform in appearance starting wet and then transitioning over time to a dry state. It was odd because the color changed from an abstract orange to a dry looking brownish color. By now, the fact that I'm into oranges in all different shades should not be a surprise. Every chance I get I'm either featuring fashion in the color, recommending useful products, or showing off my amazing two-toned hair color. It's just something about the way it blends with my skintone. When I'm wearing it, positive energy is all around me, and I feel it big time. In honor of the season, here is 12 feet of Beautiful Fall Colored Shiny Orange Berry Wired Garland for Fall decor.

12 Feet of Beautiful Fall Colored Shiny...

I'm sure you'll find a way to make use of it. Get crafty!