There is something about speech that makes certain tones pleasing to the ear. Deep voices often remind us of romantic times and make us long to hear them over and over. It may only be beause of our own need to rlive a moment or a special occasion that represented love and happiness, but the sound is what really makes us reminisce. The sound of a familiar voice calling out to you. There is nothing like it. Check out a few pictures of the unique voices that we think everyone should be listening for.  

Morgan Freeman

Pierre Thomas

Sam Waterson

Dennis Haybert

Tyler Perry

These are some of our favorites. The voices of Hollywood, and mainstream meadia. Certain tones make characters seem more real and it changes the way you relate to a story on screen. Characters become more real and product claims are more believable at the sound of voices with that little something extra. Voices are a part of what we offer up as personality. Without a doubt thes voices are attractive, likable, and entertaining. Needless to say, it's something to look forward to at the end of a days work. Even when you can't see a face, you just know. It's kind of like hearing the voices of friends, and it's very special. It's almost like hearing the voices of characters in the literature you read. It makes you feel like you know them personally.