Fiat seems to be everywhere trying to tell consumers about the new Fiat 500L. We were able to get our hands on a photo of the inner cabinet of that new L, and we wanted to share it with you.

Fiat is bringing you a series of short films real soon that will help you to understand how their brand fits your American Lifestyle. We are bringing you a few of the teasers to build toward the anticipation of how Fiat will tell you a series of stories using visual stimulation. Seeing has always meant believing for a lot of consumers, and nothing is more real than our everyday life. As we live life, going through the motions can be very exciting. The way we see ourselves can be funny and amazing all at the same time. More so, if we had to watch ourselves going through the course of a day, it would probably happen similar to the way it does in the clip you'll view after clicking on the star.

In the clip, the female is looking fresh faced and the music adds in the dramatic emphasis to increase anticipation for what is to come. How do you think the entire short film will play out? Not sure myself, but I can't wait! Check out how this mother handles what seems to be a busy day with her little one