Fun and good on gas is how some consumers are describing the cute Fiat 500 four wheeler. On the road you won't be concerned about spending to much to fill up, so that means you'll have a load of extra cash to spend on recreational activities. A cool date night with your significant other is also an option.

Gucci has showed off their customized Fiat and they have also been included in on one of the short films on Fiats recent agenda. Waking up the watchful eye of consumers who love Gucci seemed easy to do with these visuals. Once you click the star, the film will play a short clip that shows off what looks like a classic Gucci Handbag highlighted in light from the darkness.  Accessories also float in on a conveyor belt factory style. Take a look at the photograph of the cute compact Gucci Fiat 500 and then peep the clip  

Watching a clip like that may entice you to go on a little shopping spree, but don't feel the pressure to splurge all your extra recreational cash on an expensive Gucci Handbag. Think about renting from Bag, Borrow, or Steal. Yes, you have moved up, and moved out to bigger and better things on the independent side, but sometimes you have to fake it, till you make it. Renting a handbag is a great way to indulge and stay versatile. You'll have all the variety of Gucci at the click of a mouse. Think about it, you'll still need some place to put all that extra cash you'll save on gas. Drive your Fiat with Gucci on the seat ladies.  Look glorious in your Fiat to match!