Tolula Adeyemi made Fiats Customized Gucci Ride look so cool when they presented their unique looking Fiat 500. A compact car and a punch of fashion. The vision made Gucci's customized Fiat 500 seem like a fashionable mix of car and clothes. The concept presented fiat as more of an American lifestyle car. Take a look!


Fiat's Grand Cherokee is an American favorite. It is the larger version of what Fiat wants their 500 Model to be to Americans. With larger being the key word, Fiat is planning to release a more family friendly version of the original 500 Model called the Fiat 500L. The L stands for larger. The car is said to be able to seat a family of five. Great for those of us with larger families. More storage space is always needed when there are more people, so I bet we can expect Fiat to deliver on seating space and storage capacity. Fiat is still trying to win over American Consumers and they have released a series of videos that we believe will get everyone more involved with Fiat. We have picked our favorite video and would like to share it with you.

In the video the female is being picked up by her companion who is driving a Fiat 500. She is speaking in a foreign tongue, revealing an incident that happened when she was a teenager. See what happened to her and if you can relate to the experience yourself.