We've waited long enough! Now we are ready to give you one of our great gift ideas for mom. Yes, Mother's Day comes every year and we know that you have spoiled mother dearest rotten, but there is one gift that we wnat to suggest that never really goes out of style. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Parents always love to receive pictures from their children because it makes them happy and proud to see a part of them captured in a moement of time. Pictures create memories and ve've told you time and time again on this very blog that photographs should be shared! Pictures are more than just a visual; they are a mark in history that can never be captured again at that specific moment in time. Life is tick tocking away so snap as many as you can. These are a couple that we want to share with you taken on a park outing with our family dog! These will become more significant as you read on.


Nicole K. Phillips

Rodell C. Phillips

Mother's never get tired of showing off pictures of their children and grand children. It's just something in their nature. More than just the picture, we want you to focus on the frame. The frame is the big tip that we want to share today. A framed photograph makes your gift more personal than a scrapbook ever could. Plus, framed images send a message to their recipient that says: This image is to be placed in a spot of your choice for all to see!

Paintings are also another way to take images to the next stage. We found quite a few artistic creations available on canvas. Take a look at the beautiful work of a talented artist featured on Deviant Art.

Artistic work like this is available on the Deviant Art Website on canvas, in oil, and photos can also be ordered of select pieces. The best part about the site is that the artwork can be framed! If you are an artist or if you just love to look at talented artwork, you might want to check out the valuable resources available on the site. Happy Mother's Day to all of you mother out there, and all you men who are last minute shoppers pick out your favorite image and have it framed for your loved one. Keep in mind that a framed image is a good gift for anyone but today we are focusing on the mothers. If you would like to see more of what Deviant Art has to offer click the star  

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