Recently, there was a little criticism circulating about a well known Beauty Editor, Pete Born, for his leading statement in a piece he shared in WWD Beauty Inc. Magazine. "Buzz can kill" is the statement that caused all the ruckus, and now we want to try and shed some light on that statement just in case there was not enough clarity given for you to enjoy the information he provided without raising your brows.

We will try to forget about the critics who are saying that Pete Born will do anything for a little attention, and we will try even harder to discard the fact that some bloggers are saying Born's inclusion of a photo, in his "Believing in the Boom" coverage, shows his egotistical attitude. Our goal is to at least try and stay on track with both sides of what the buzz theory can do for your business.

In Pete Born's case, he was clearly speaking of any negative reflections of a downward spiraling retail market that may have worked to discourage consumer spending now and in the upcoming months. For us, it is great to hear such positive feedback, after the JC Penney reports that questioned consumer interest in shopping for its goods. Now with that said, we should be able to continue sharing buzz about what is trending this season and what behavior will help price conscious consumers get the best deals going!

Before we do, high praise goes out to all Store Managers, department heads, and employees who help to create environments that keep customers coming back day after day ! You all do such a good job at implementing theme related merchandising to usher consumers into holidays and special occasions, throughout the year.

Right now is the time for you to be pacing each and every aisle of your favorite store(s). There are deals all over the place! Gift giving can happen anytime during the year, yes! However, now is the time to plan for upcoming holidays and birthdays, when gifts will be expected and exchanged. It's no time like the present. Before long, the clearance sales will start to decrease and soon vanish from store shelves, making room for (gift sets) items that are expected to be the money bags of many retailers. Gift sets will be popping up for many of your favorite beauty products, especially in drugstores. Also, look forward to seeing your favorite celebrity fragrances, packaged with all the little extras! Too cool right? It is always so exciting to see all the merchandise coming in and new displays showing off all the amazing products all over the place.

Keep a look out for your favorite sweets too. You will probably see the thematic Halloween candy on display, so do not forget to pick up your favorites for your desk or the candy jar in the break room. M&M's never disappoint, their goodies come out every year and peeps are also another customer favorite. Thematic product creation, like product variety, is becoming more and more popular and important to manufacturers looking to wow consumers and generate additional sales with seasonal launches. For one, Hallmark's new Halloween Bug'em is too cute. Sending those special little notes and reminders to your school age children will be even more fun, if you decide to use one of those soft little carriers. Little treats can be placed right inside of it too. What a way to say I love you!

We love how Pete Born of WWD Beauty Inc. Magazine and other Content Providers keep us informed and inspired to share life changing content. As we try not to be judgemental while sharing facts, opinions, and a little gossip, we encourage you to go out and shop! Enjoy getting all of those deals before they sell through. Shop before the last minute guys or leftovers is all you will have to choose from before the New Year. Get creative, if you are not as good as wifey at hiding things, get a small storage cubicle to use for hiding gifts.

There you are; the buzz is detailed and informative, on the upcoming trend that places a focus on all the fabulous gift sets to come, providing a reveal of a super cool Hallmark item called the Bug'em, as the merchandising behavior of retailers is outlined to clue you in on the right time to start shopping for the best deals. Happy shopping and look out for loyalty programs, so you are in the loop for the best deals and rewards.