Ever struggled with gift ideas and could not figure out what to pair with that item that seemed like it just was not enough to give? Well, this post is dedicated to your indecisive tendency in the name of purple, with a theme of I love you written all over the thought. Yes, the thought does count and spending a bundle is not necessary. Here are some ideas that will make up the other half of gift. Before we spill the information on the products that would absolutely go good together, in any gift bag, we want to share information about a product that inspired this post. It is simply called Slap and the concept offers a 2 for 1 deal with an incognito twist. The ruler design doubles as a unique bracelet. There are a variety of colors with various words catering to the special interest of the buyer. Our Slap pick is purple with words that read: live, laugh, love, and it also has a smiley face, a peace symbol, and a heart on it too. Now you know what inspired this post. Here are our picks of pair choices for Slap.

A Justin Bieber Fragrance for women will help to ease the boy crazy urge of your teen who is transitioning into womanhood. Someday certainly lived up to the hype. It is a fragrance that is youthful, but it also has enough punch to provide a scent that has a seductiveness fit for maturity.

Pop of Purple the new mascara from Maybelline's Great Lash Limited Edition Shades is a great choice for your gift bag(s). It is also a perfect way to spice up your look during cold winter months, so stock up now before they are all sold out.

Posh Colors  5 piece Travel Kit is full of colorful makeup brushes. The colorful brushes help to improve your mood as you glam up for your day. It is also the perfect set to store away for travel.

Body Fantasies® Twilight Fragrance really puts you in another state of mind. The Twilight scent has the softness given to lavender. It can be the perfect finish for an afternoon picnic or a walk on the beach.

Adidas For Women Natural Vitality is the perfect choice when you want branded quality offering something that is a little more casual than a fragrance. Freshing up after your workout will be easier if you through this into your tote bag.

Maybelline's Baby Lips in Peach Kiss will moisturize and provide a touch of color. The lip love of Peach Kiss also contains aloe leaf extract and vitamin E, so it is the perfect remedy for problematic lips.

The product choices that we have shared here today would also be perfect for baby showers goodie bags or teenage slumber parties. We hope you are inspired to go out and try some of these wonderful products. Receiving gifts is always so much fun, but shopping for them also provides an out of this world rush.

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