It is to the benefit of a wise man to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, according to the good book. Sometimes blabber mouths can be a real pain. The label itself is not only for that loud mouth who tells what you requested to be held in strict confidence. It is also for the one who for some strange reason has something to say about everyone while their business often goes undone.

All of you may know someone who fits one or both of those descriptions. Okay, you may also be thinking of the person as a source of irritation. Rightfully so, but I beg you to look in the mirror to see the other side of the equation. Clarity? Well, to know such a person gives you the chance to see what you yourself never want to become. it's like a real life lesson , giving face to the undesirable. When you look in the mirror , you can consider it an opportunity to take your own advice. if you look at yourself and you don't like what you see, there is still a chance to make changes. The reflection starring back at you should be one of the person you truly want to be.

Slow to speak is another way of saying listen carefully during your daily interactions. Good listeners learn to use the skill effectively in their personal and professional life, by using appropriate verbal language. Asking open ended questions, repeating the words and phrases of the person involved in the dialogue with you, and you using words that show you are being attentive makes your listening skills obvious to others when problems need resolution. For example, words and phrases like (really, is that right, and I understand) help to make communication easier and show off your listening skills. In your personal life, you will probably be seen as the one that is easy to talk to, and kids will be more like to confide in you about sensitive subjects. Professionally, you will be the magnet everyone likes. People are drawn to compassionate personalities. In sales, being a good listener can help you to close a sale or restore the calm of a disgruntled customer.

Being slow to anger is another way of saying cool when things go wrong. A good customer service representative alwyas tries to restore order while keeping the drama to a minimal. Being less temperamental and showing compassion when things escalate to uncomfortable levels will help you to be a great problem solver in the workplace. Problem solvers are good listeners too. Good listeners empathize, and want to see the other party receive relief of some sort. Active listeners behave this way to ensure there is resolution and satisfaction with outcomes.

When you do a self introspection and you don't like the result, all is not lost. You have the power to change the undesirable. Being impartial (when you notice negative characteristics in someone you know) will help you to benefit from the experience. Using good listening skills in your personal and professional life will help you to satisfy your family and your clientele.

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