Food aversions are not unusual. There will always be at least one member of your family who can't seem to wrap their mouth around something everyone else loves. It's true, for the family chef (mama, grandma, poppa, or you yourself) it can be pretty disturbing or even downright insulting for someone to gag at the thought of something you actually slaved over a hot stove to prepare.

The most important thing for you to remember is that the nutritional value of your food choices is what really matters. The next step requires a little creativity and cleverness on your part. Now, I'm going to tell you what my mother did to get the eggs down my throat and into my belly when I could not stand the sight or even the flavor of any type of fried egg. Scrambled, folded, or sunny side up didn't change the way I felt about fried eggs. I wasn't having it. They even tried to alter the taste by adding ketchup once, but I still gagged. Finally, my mother gave up or so I thought. Here is how she got creative with here cooking technique to get me to eat eggs for breakfast. Before I tell you, I want you to know that this technique works well on toddlers and school age children who see eggs as their worst enemy.

Let the breakfast battle begin for all black mothers everywhere who have ever said or heard the command: Eat all of your food! Here is exactly what my mother did to trick the eggs into me. After she had prepared the grits and allowed them to simmer on a low fire, she would crack a few eggs and add them into the grits. She would stir them until they were not even detectable. Mama never let on that she had tricked me into eating the eggs by creating her own little egg potion (using grits as her cover) until I was much older. By that time, I was into folded eggs that were seasoned with lots of meat, onions, and anything else I could find to throw onto my New Orleans Style Breakfast Sandwich. Go figure right? Southern Cooking is the best, especially when eggs are involved and toddlers are unwilling to swallow. Black moms know how to get cooperation from their kids, when all else fails. Just in case you are wondering, I still like grits and eggs the way mama use-to make it.