Planning our daily lunches is just as fun and difficult as it is to plan our childrens lunch time surprises. Lunches become more difficult when the focus is centered on creating variety, from week to week. If your kids are grown now, you can probably remember how you packed their lunches for school and sent them on their way with their little lunch boxes in hand.

Going to the Deli for fresh cut meat is a great way to ensure that you have plenty of choices available and in view. It makes choosing the weeks lunch menu a little easier with sandwiches and salads as the lunch prize. A sure winner for your kids because they love quick, simple, and tasty. Anyway, we often wonder about the diets of celebrities who bare their fit bodies on television or in cyberspace. What are they eating and how can we get in on it right? Keeping with the same want to know idea while offering suggestions to help you keep your portion sizes under control, Abornewords wants to share a few of the lunch bag favorites that will help to keep your waistline and budget under control. Take a look!




Here's a list of the items:

  • In the bag 
    • Clear American Sparkling Water 16 oz.
    • Carmela Bites 2 servings 50 calories
    • Chex Chocolate Caramel Snacks 100 cal.
    • Peanut Butter Company (no fructose) 180 cal.
    • Link Jack Beef Jerky small bag 50 calories
    • Crystal Light Energy packets 10 pck box 15 calories ea.

These are great ideas for quick snacks for your lunch bag at work. Creating variety will help you to stay on course with your portion sizes, especially when you can find tasty snacks you love for a good price.   Diet food is not necessary, as long as you are able to eat using moderation. Remember these at lunch time, but don't forget your salad. Yum!