Into going green because you care about the environment you live in? There are quite a few ways to get started on your green mission so that you can reduce pollution and minimize waste. Collecting cans is that old school way of doing something good for the environment while cashing in at the same time. You've probably seen someone walking down the street picking up cans before, if you live in a big city. Really, it's not an unusual sight to see, Receiving a little money is also a good way to reward yourself for doing something good for the environment.

Recycle your beer and soda cans!

If you are going to take this green route to better the environment, be sure you are up for taking time to walk the streets. You will also need to make sure that you have an adequate amount of storage space available so that you can collect a generous amount of cans before cashing in for your little treasure.

Everyone will not agree with your method and may even label you as an opportunist who is just in it for the money. However, the pay off is really just a little treat considering the time you actually spend collecting. Walking the streets of your city benefits the beautification efforts of the city and also gives you a chance to get a little exercise. Now if you can not see yourself as that can collecting lady or man toting a bag or pushing a basket, then you may want to consider recycling the things you purchase and use in your home everyday. That way, you can define your green mission in your own household and encourage the rest of the family to get involved. Creating awareness in some way is the responsibility of every American Citizen.  There are so many products out there that are useful and helpful to the environment, and the Green Garmento moves you from the streets and into the dry cleaners. Here's how this latest green product gets you to execute your green mission.

The national attention that the the Green Garmento is receiving is putting the spotlight on laundered clothing. Starched, pressed, and all done up.  Ready for wearing and fresh is how you get it. Let's hear about the latest place to put your precious delicates.  Here is a shot of the new green option that is making it's way into the Dry Cleaning Business on the shoulders of customers.


"It was created to reduce plastic waste" by reducing the amount of bags received from the dry cleaners, but Terry Gardner agrees that it's perfect for travel as well.  The Green Garmento is a lifesaver as a garment bag or hamper for dirty laundry, so hop on the green bandwagon before you head straight to the dry cleaners next time. Here's a picture of some brochures that are creating awareness.

Green Garmento Brochures

The Green Garmento comes in a few sizes (40-48 inches, 54 inches, 72 inches) and prices vary according to size selection. You can get yours at or Here. The best thing about the Green Garmento is that it's tapping into the industry to reach a new market of consumers who are being serviced by professionals in the dry cleaning business. Let's face it, many business professionals use these services everyday to maintain their crisp and professional appearance. Still, there is also a large sector of the population that only uses a dry cleaning services on occasion. With that in mind, the Green Garmento is still something good to have around even for seldom visits to the cleaners.  The Green Garmento is giving consumers another way to identify themselves as environmentally conscious, and it is also nice to know that the average grocery store tote is not the only tote helping to reduce plastic usage. Now, your dry cleaning professinal just may be asking you those sweet little words. Plastic or Green Garmento? You choose.