Gunna started out rapping his verses without a beat, doing whatever he could to get someone to listen to him. Now after grinding for so long, things are starting to turn around for this young upcoming New Orleans Rapper. We were able to get an exclusive telephone interview with Gunna and here is how he responded to our questions. Check out the picture and you will not be able to refuse respecting his mind.

Gunna and a Bridesmaid 

Q. What has changed since you first started?

Gunna: I opened my eyes and realized that I wanted to be heard. (Gunna laughed) Ima better Rapper and I'm rapping on beats na.

Q. Are you solo?

Gunna: Everything I do is a unified effort. I'm a part of a team. There's no I in team.

Q. Is it true that you are working with someone?

Gunna: I just told you remember? Team but yes I'm on stage performing with someone, but it's not time to discuss the circumstances of my situation right now.

Q. Have you got anything out now?

Gunna: For sure and other things are in the works. The wheels are turning. Keep everything coolin right now. I want everybody to check out that It's Ova 4 Em Mixtape over at Datt Piff. That door opened for me and I took the opportunity.

Q. Are you married?

Gunna: I'm young and I married myself. I love my lifestyle and my career in Rap is where my head at. On that picture, I was a guest at a summer wedding celebration.

Q. Are you performing right now in any venues?

Gunna: I'm doing shows like mad. I opened up for Level In Donaldsonville and tonight I'll be on stage at Le Roux in New Orleans and tomarrow I open up for Cali.

Q. What are some of your favorite songs to perform?

Gunna: Freak Show, Ni**as Trippin, and I'm Drunk Drinking

Q. Are you concerned about how people see you?

Gunna: Of course, but I just want to do what I love and have a good time. People seem to be really feeling us right now.

Q. Do you believe that you will get rich Rapping?

Gunna: I believe I'm going to be a millionaire.

What direction are you taking your career in?

Gunna: Focusing on doing shows, putting out good music, and getting well known throughout Louisiana. Then I want to expand state by state.

Q. What else do you want your fans to know?

Gunna: I want my fans to know that I'm serious about what I do, I love them, and that if they are drinking call a taxi.

Q. Any last thoughts to share?

Gunna: Look for more good music from me and the rest of the team, look for me to be doing more social networking, look out for more pictures.

Oh and I almost forgot. R.I.P. Uncle Crow.

We look forward to following Gunna career as he strives to reach millionaire status. There's a real lesson here. When you aim people, please aim high. Judging from his rhymes, I believe he just might make it to the milli line. Until, we hear more from Gunna. Keep checking for more New Orleans Rapper News.