"As a brand our mission is to deliver consumer-driven product innovations for superior comfort with enhanced fit"_____ Sidney Falkan (CBO) Chief Branding Officer

Everyone has to have a click or at least be inspired by someone influential. A spark of inspiration has landed at Abornewords, arriving not by broom, airplane, bus, or car, but coming into the mix from deep inside of me. My own experiences have contributed to this very thing that I will tell you about. It's not a tall order like an extensive gift list around the holidays. Buying any of the products mentioned in this post will be affordable and practical. The men in your life deserve something that's all their own too.

We have extensive marketing campaigns dedicated to getting our attention. As women, our favorite make up products tend to get our attention out the gate, if the displays and demonstrations are right. Now it's time for our men to get a little marketing love from Hanes. It goes without saying but I'll tell you anyway. Hanes is #1 over here at Abornewords. Watch the video to see how MJ comes through for their new Hanes Tagless Campaign.

Hanes campaigns are always so entertaining, funny, and clever. Hanes is the first choice for Abornewords Men. Their tees and undies are made with a thicker grade of cotton than many brands on the market. Providing the tagless option is the best idea ever. Admit it! Many of you have experienced the poking sensation of the tag from clothing or undies that contain tags, and it's something that is really bothersome. To rid Hanes products of the dreaded tag, is a way of cutting away a source of discomfort and aggravation. Men and boys need to see marketing campaigns they can identify with at their level.

The campaign shows the brands compassion for consumers. Getting rid of the tags sloves a common problem that many individuals will face during the course of a lifetime. The picture is clear! Sometimes we outgrow the old way of doing things. The new way to go is tagless. I'm good with this new way of doing things with my family. Try doing the same for the people that mean the most to you. If MJ can go tagless, you can too! Bringing the tag to life in this campaign is like puppetiers of days gone from Mr. Rogers. Click the star to see how days gone are living on  Please everyone take notes, when something become a source of aggravation get rid of it!