It's the dreaded T, and I'm not talking T-Pain for all of you Chopped and Skrewed fans. The Big T that you need to be aware of can make you look 10 years older and can eventually lead to balding. By now you probably have guessed that the mystery T is called thinning. Thinning is something we all may face at some point. It can be hereditary, result from improper haircare, can be a side effect of medication, or result from some type of illness. Whatever the case may be, thinning hair is no joke.

If your grandmother and mother have thinning hair, it is highly likely that you will have to deal with thinning at some time or another. Weaves that are improperly applied or removed can result in thinning or even balding, if you neglect to apply them properly. When taking medications, you just really never know how your body will respond. The strength of the dosage your doctor prescribes or its chemical make up can affect your hair growth or hair loss in general. With terminal illnesses like cancer, hair loss is something that is anticipated. Thinning can result from any of the things previously mentioned, so concentrate on maintaining healthy hair.  Let's get to more practical things that may help you to keep your mane shiny and full of volume.  You've heard how thinning hair can take its toll, but now let me share a solution that is available on the market right now! Besides its effectiveness, the best thing about this product is that it has been clinically proven to stimulate growth, fight hair loss, clean hair follicles, and increase thickness. The result is healthy hair, and the fact that it's 100% guaranteed only increases the buying factor.


HairSil Accelerator Treatment is the name of this hair helper to the rescue.  There is so much science behind this product along with lengthy case studies too.  The studies lasted for a considerable length of time (three months to be exact) and three to four weeks is good range for evaluating product effectiveness.  The tagline for the product is Beauty & Wellness the vision of advanced science.  That says it all, HairSil was created by a Molecular Biologist who believed non-presciption products could give you the same results as prescribed dosages.  Thinking in such a manner lead to this scientifically proven creation.  More good news is that color-treated hair is safe from fading too.  You get 45 applications in one bottle.  

Features at a glance
  • promotes thickness
  • stimulates growth
  • bioative peptide TA-5
  • unisex (men & women benefit)
  • moisturizes
  • cleans scalp
  • cleans hair follicles 

Hereditary factors is one reason to start nurturing your hair before a problem surfaces. Early preparation and prevention is key. For all of you spend thrifts that want gorgeous hair on a budget, don't put your precious strands in the hands of unqualified individuals at random. If you choose a non-licensed hairstylist, please be sure that their reputation is established.  When in doubt, go professional and pay up.  Taking medication is never easy because it's a deviation from the norm, so be very observant. At the first sign of any change such as dryness, brittleness, or excessive shedding, call your physician immediately and report the problem.  When illness or the treatment there of results in hairloss, continue your routine as usual in order to promote hair growth throughout the process.  HairSil is an over the counter solution to a non-prescription alternative haircare treatment. HairSil is available at