Getting dolled up is fun for women all the time. Even on those days when we wrestle with choosing just the right outfit, somethow we manage to thank ourselves later for being so persistent, after our look comes out fashion perfect. Hey, we deserve the pat on the back too. It's not easy to get out a look that is picture perfect all the time. It takes work to achieve a level of beauty that is satisfactory and truly a representation of the image we want to portray. Right ladies? Make up, hair, and lets not forget the bonus, (a fragrance) takes time. The scent of a woman is that little something extra that helps to put the finishing touch on your final look, once you have gotten into that outfit that (you know) sizzles. My Life Blossom , Mary J. Blige's latest fragrance, smells fantastic! It's playful, sensual, and youthful. Here is Mary Pictured front and center with a bottle of the sweet smelling perfume that will make you feel like a V.I.P.

Spray it on, and you are ready to be the life of the partyl. The candy-like aroma will get you noticed, make you feel refreshed, and restore a newness that is energetically upbeat. A few of our favorite notes in this miracle bottle of goodness are gardenia, jasmine, vanilla, and orange flower. The tag line contains three crucial words; strong, confident, and enduring. Those words define a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it! My Life Blossom is just what you need to push your all about me model walk into overdrive. Get going with My Life Blossom and be down for your man and your girls who are about it, just like you. Share your story or just let the fragrance speak for you! Mary J. Blige described her fragrance as being something that will get you noticed when you enter the room and make people remember you when you leave. After getting a whiff of My Life, you will believe Mary's words.

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