The news of these Pearly Whites broke via Oprah Winfrey like a hot topic prime time news story. Everyone was talking. The linked together pearls of different sizes look glamorous and expensive. Lady O recommends the Hot Girls Pearls to her loyal girl pals O Magazine Readers. A brilliant idea if I ever heard one that served as a means to a cool down. These pearls are not too expensive and they are useful for more than a prep up to your favorite outfit.

Say goodbye to those hot flashes and hello to the coolness that you want to feel so bad when your body heats up. After you chill these gel filled pearls in your refrigerator, you place them in the insulated travel pouch (sold separately) which includes a tiny ice pack to keep them chilly and right.  

  • 18" long
  • contains non-toxic freezing gel
  • gunmetal also available
  • linking capacity 
  • bracelet also available

When a hot flash strikes or the heat is just to much to bare, pull them from the little pouch, clamp them on, and cool off once again.Wearing something like these can make a girl feel like she's worth a million bucks. It's not the price tag but the idea of being connected to a type of elegance that screams ladylike, mature, and fabulous. the brains behind the Hot Girls Pearls operation is Constance Sherman and Dr. Paul Wojnicki.  Get yours today!