Fashion may be Nicole Miller's first love, but she also cares about people. The high profile designer partnerned with Indego Africa a couple of years ago, and is now offering products created by some amazing business women on her website. Bangles and bracelets are only a small part of what these women can do creatively with a few materials. Calling them a fun way to brighten a look fits with the true presentation of the rainbow array of colors there are to choose from. The gifted hand of these Rwandan Women are creating products the are handmade too. Here are a few pictures of these talented women and also a look at some finished bracelets.


...."The collaborators added brightly-hued sarongs and colorful printed shorts. All can be found on, are printed on African fabric, and 15% of proceeds are donated to Indego Africa"

The partnership provided a way to encourage and empower the growth of Indego Africa and accomplish the "first direct purchase order between Rwandan Cooperative and an American Retailer." Indego Africa Bracelets Designed for Nicole Nicole Miller were recognized by The Fair Trade Federation last year for Excellence In the Product Design Category, receiving an award was a true highlight of how far these women have come. Empowering women in business is something that will continue to encourage the growth of female businesses in America and abroad. This is truly proof that your gift/talent can take you places unknown.

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