Your place in the world starts with a plan of action. The you surround yourself with individuals who have similar interest or those who have achieved the type of success you aspire to accomplish. Now you need to organize your atmosphere including the products you love. A good place to start is with a tablet device since smart phone and tablet sales in the U.S. are the reason for the decline in P.C. and laptop sales. The figures seem to indicate that more Americans are using handheld devices to stay in touch.

The Dell Venue Tablet is a great choice. It's equipped with an HD webcam, and and 8 inch touchscreen running on an Intel Atom Processor with built in Wifi and the latest bluetooth capabilities. The state of the art tablet is much more than a reader, its mini pc.

Smart Phones are next on our list of Techie Toys! Nokia's Lumia Smartphone is at the top of our list, right up there with Apples iPhone 8. Our list of things we want to buy just keeps growing. It is good enough for former co host Roxie of 106 & Park to blast about, so it's good enough for us too. The feature details focus on how easily it is to palm and also how great the HD video performance is, boasting about the 5 megapixel camera.

Doing fun stuff like participating in Jing it while you go on those late night supermarket runs for your favorite products will certainly be a lot more interesting. Enjoy it while making use of the Windows 8 Operating System.

Very well, okay we could not leave the fabulousity (made up word) of Apple's iPhone out of this techie conversation they are on of the top selling electronics in this day and age. With the anticipation for the iPhone 6 raising adrenaline, there is still enough room for everyone to be going abuzz over Apples iPhone 5s. The limited edition gold ones are all the rage and the camera on the thing snaps to perfection. Let's sum up the glory by saying selfie, selfie selfie. Oh how our techie devices are winning. Larger videos are possible, up to 1080 pixels with it's insight camera. Do face time with your loved ones very easily. Let's not forget to mention the 8 hour battery life.
p> Are you ready to say hip,hip hooray yet? Are you planning to buy any of these popular tech tools for upcoming birthdays and holidays or will you be sticking to more traditional purchases like laptops or pc's? Are these too ancient for you? Tell us what you think!