Alright, it is a little different than the way Jakarta Fashion Week happened last year, but it is more inclusive of something your whole family can enjoy over and over. The festivities have been going on for the past couple of weeks and will wrap up by end of day on May 27th. We love bringing you International Coverage because it helps you to see how big the world really is in reality. Experience is a good teacher, and the world can seem so small when the focus is only on what is happening in your circle. For the reason, covering International Events is very important to the Abornewords Team. We want everyone to be exposed to things that seem to be out of reach in distance or in dream. It's really closer than you may think.

What happen at Jakarta this year reminded me of something very familiar that happens in my hometown every year. You'll understand what I mean very soon. The elaborate nature of these costumes and blinging entertainment reminds me of some of the costumes and blinging entertainment that goes on in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras Season. If for some reason you have never had a chance to see Mardi Gras New Orleans Style., maybe you have been fortunate enough to see what we do right here in Florida at Universal Studios Mardi Gras Celebration. Now it's time to see the pictures!

Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival

The Opening Gading Night Carnaval

If you ever saw the Indians mask and parade the streets of New Orleans, you will immediately notice the similarities. After being around for eight years Jakarta is making this Fashion and Food Festival more special by giving it a theme name that combines with a designers creations, Innofashion! This year their calling it a mix of two. Designers still get to shine throughout the entire festival by featuring ready to wear collections, masterpiece collections, and also best collections. Mind you, these are from many of your top Indonesian Designers.

Including food draws attention to Indonesia's growing culinary sector. Besides who doesn't love good food? In New Orleans at the Jazz Festival, there is always so many tasty entries. Festivals also provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs. In Florida, our Art Festival in Downtown Melbourne is always a blast too. Jakarta has accomplished their mission, showing society happening on domestic and international levels in a unified theme.

Seeing how life is happening all around us everywhere on the globe should encourage everyone to have their passport on hand. There is life and amazing ways to live outside of the United States. Even more, great trips are never forgotten. Kudos Jakarta.