Things are happening outside of your immediate circle and Abornewords wants to tell you all about them. Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) is already off and running this week. November 18th will be the last day of this fabulous event until next year. Sorry you're not there? Don't be. We have the scoop and some fabulous photos of the festivities. Still wondering when and where? We'll give you more details in a bit, but first we want you to know that JFW is Indonesia's portrayal of fashion and design from the talented, creative people living abroad. The city of Jakarta wants to be known as a "global fashion hub" and for good reason. Take a look at why these world designers believe you should be ringing their names. This is how Jakarta does cloth and fabrics on the runway. Can you say model walk?



 The talent is so evident and the style is apparent JAKARTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 12: Model(s) showcase designs by Biyan,Indonesian designer, during Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 at Pacific Place on November 12, 2011 in Jakarta. (Photo by Honda Tranggono/Feminagroup)

The designers responsible for these and more beautiful clothes are up next!