In Hollywood, you will often hear the phrase, appearance is everything. It kind of makes you think immediately about the beauty of actors and actresses. All things superficial of course, but we must give face to the truth. Exterior beauty often triumphs real talent in Hollywood. Being the whole package includes so much more than physical features. Everything surrounding you and in your life counts as something that can define your image. It's not exclusive to Movie Stars either, we all are included. Our style, the brands we choose, and how we put it all together to create trends is what defines us.

The latest from James Wang (A Chinese Producer) has brought the attention back to Directors and the cars in their lives. Wang showed up for Cannes in a red, flashy, Lamborghini with a blonde in tow, occupying the passenger seat. Now everyone is starting to recall Steven Spielberg; he has driven some of the best cars ever, hitting the road in style. Here's Wang in the Lamborghini.

Spielberg claimed ownership to a green, Aston Martin DB9 Volante and a Lexus SUV. Those are only a couple of his toys. His association with great cars exploded when the Lexus 2054 EV was cast as the car of the future in the movie Minority Report . In the movie Spielberg wanted to "explore the concept of what cars would look like in 50.

Now all eyes are on James Wang and his ride, putting the spotlight on his style and his road game. The paparazzi were lucky enough to get the picture of Wang in the Lamborghini. Many are wondering it Wang's entrance to Cannes was his way of trying to create hype and get buzz going. Next for James Wang is Painted Skin 2. We will just have to see how much media attention this film maker gets in the days ahead. As you can see, appearance includes all things, including the car you drive.