We told you that the Fi Fi Awards is considered to be the Fragrance Foundations liking to the Oscars. The Fi Fi Awards Celebration is a way to honor big names and the creative projects of hard working people in the indstry. The winners are deserve to be honored everyone can probably relate to the senual nature of a fragrance. Sweet aroma tease our senses and lure us into the trance of following our nose. Sniffing up the yummy smells that often become our signature scents. Here is a picture, of Jane Lynch, the talented author of Happy Accidents .


No more guessing about what Lynch will be doing with the microphone I told you about on our homepage. Some of you thought she was going to be breaking out in an onstage performance. We fooled you on purpose. Seriously though, hosting an award show is not all about reading a teleprompter or being scripted. A host must have personality to pull it off. Jane Lynch shows off her confidence and personality in a fun video on amazon. Click the star to check it out

Don't forget what we mentioned in our previous Fi Fi Awards post, One famous and very accomplished celebrity will be inducted into the Fi Fi Hall of Fame. We'll have more after the ceremony takes place on May 21, 2012 in New York City. If all of the talk about fragrances has you feeling as if you want to shop. Check out a few of our favorite pick her at Abornewords. Something for you females and something for you males. Take a look!