Jay-Z seems to be more happy now that he's settling into his new role as Rap Daddy to his little Princess Baby Blue. The Super Dad was seen gushing all over the place, as he enjoyed time out with some of his friends. Word has it that he is happier than ever with his wife and baby. If we use smiling as a way to determine Jay-Z's level of happiness, honestly he has been showing his pearly whites more often since the birth of his precious daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Below the Rapper is pictured at an after party upon finishing his February performance at Carnegie Hall smiling from ear to ear.

Jay-Z - Jay-Z Performs At Carnegie Hall

The idea of growing with his new family has him over the top estatic. He really feels that walls are coming down to take him in new directions in his career and personal life. Sure he has enjoyed superstar status for so long, but the entrance of so much new talent onto the music scene has stirred up a new competitive spirit in Mr. "Walk like a ball player" with himself. The rapper has spoken about and even rapped about proceeding as if every album was his first. That's something Shawn Corey Carter has said he learned from the late, great Biggie his former mentor and friend.

In new footage floating around on the internet for his upcoming performance that will be streaming live for his March 12th performance, he makes it a point to tease us with snippets of lyrics from one of his songs beginning his Public Service Announcement to be recognized yet again. He proves that his rap game is not just for him. The way he takes fans through his message hits home whether he's performing on stage or seated on the sidelines at a ball game. What is his motive? Who can stop his rap kryptonite from killing all these wanna be large and in charge rappers? Maybe, we will tell you later, for now let Mr. American Dreamer shine ever so brightly.  We are sure that Jay-Z is not trying to prove anything. We believe he is just continuing to have fun with his career and fans while serving us up some good music.  

Here for something to toast to:

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