Alright, I'm all for that be yourself and live up to your own expectations stuff, but when fashion is involved and the celebs are stepping out showing off everything except their goodies, fans have a tendency to make comparisons. We have our first ever who wore it best photo for you today. It includes (The Jersey Girl Jenny from the Block) Jennifer Lopez striking a pose, looking gorgeous as usual, and Model Eva Herigova. The dress is short and cute. Look at these ladies sizzle!

Eva Herzigova - File: Stars in the Same Dresses

(L/R- Eva Herigova and Jennifer Lopez)

Just to be truthful Eva Herigova wore it first back in 2010 while attending Chopard 150th Anniversary Party. JLo wore it more recently at the American Music Awards Show. Okay, let's all agree that they both have good taste. Still, it makes me think about my mother saying "Don't compare yourself to anyone else worry about yourself! I do live up to that expectation too. Yet, I can't help but wonder if these two ladies will look at this side by side photo and think to themselves, I wore it best. They are both glowing and living luxurious at the same time. Who cares about their present and past fashion choices, today it's time to shop for something new.  Grab your purses ladies, it's time to go shopping!

Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images