The Super Model with the body is celebrating big time right her in the Sunshine State. Miami is where most V.I.P.'s (very important people) and all people with ballerific lifestyles convene for celebrations and an all out good time, when their not in Atlantic City.  Here are the details for Jessica White's BD Bash.

Jessica will be enjoying spending time with her family, friends, and fans on tomorrow June 21, 2012, at Akadia, but partying is not all this Super Model does, when she is not posing in bikini's and designer threads. She is also working hard to be a driving force in business, through the creation of her own skincare line called Devise Beauty. There's more folks; she is also working along side of Grandsway Creative to bring us more of her style and personality on her very own website. Check out Jessica White's photos from Maybelline's 2012 Calendar.

The celebration is sure to be grand! Akadia is said to be a cross between a nightclub and a lounge. It's always nice to go to a club that has an adequate amount of seats and a relaxed atmosphere for guest to enjoy a drink or two and good conversation. Here is a picture of what the inside of the Akadia spot looks like.

For more on Devise Beauty click the star 

Happy Birthday Jessica