In business you always hear executives, planners, and startup gurus yelling these words: location, location, location. Demographics is certainly a key factor to look at when building or choosing a stie to situate your business. The location factor may be more important to first time start ups and smaller businesses with little or no capital _______fewer spending dollars play a role too. When budgets are tight number crunching is a must and saving your bottom line becomes more important. Take a look at the brainchild of Stoutenborough Inc. Architects and Planners of Laguna Beach.

JG Construction has embarked on building a new Specialty Retail Project under contract for Newport Place. The project will include "two single story retail/commercial buildings, parking, landscaping and hardscape improvements. The project will provide an opportunity for retailers in Newport Beach, Ca. to revitalize performance perimeters for the entire area. The spacious vicinity consists of 12,351 square feet of space. The style of the finished project will showcase a California Modern Style. Look at the artist rendering above once again so that you can visualize the site once it's complete.

From the looks of that rendering, the project seems like it will be a great success. It's bound to attract huge retail chains (with specific goals in mind) who are less concerned about saving tons of money and more concerned about establishing a presence in the community to create a larger presence in the area. Most large chains will always have stores that are not high profit performers. Their purpose ends up being more valuable too. Community members appreciate it when well known business are conveniently located near their homes and tourist certainly love to see familiar businesses in popular travel spots. JG Construction is expected to complete the project by the end of summer. For more information about JG Construction click the star 

Photo Credit: Marketwire