Our opinion leaders can be labeled as celebrities, hero's, mentors, or whatever you want to call them, but these are the people who are setting the trends and serving as a model in our society. Their behavior sends us messages and helps us to create an emotional connection with their story. What we see is who they are in the public eye. That's all we have to look at most times. If there is a message that we can get out of the entertainment provided to us, then their celebrity or popularity is working the way it should.

Who can forget John Amos who starred in Coming to America as the McDonald's rival restaurant owner who was a self made millionaire. That movie impacted the black community in a positive way because it showed the real experience of a black man and family who had achieved something great from the toil of their own hands and moved up in class as a result. Here is John Amos pictured at a Tyler Perry Screening for the Blockbuster Hit Madea Goes to Jail.

John Amos - Tyler Perry's "Medea Goes To Jail" New York Screening

John Amos has had a long career from Roots to Good Times. He is that guy who we know and love because of how he represents a strong black family man well on camera. Oprah recently reunited with the cast of Roots, and JOHN AMOS shared some advice that he recieved from a friend and fellow cast member during the shooting of Roots. This was a celebrity sit down that outlined the true impact of filming Roots. Watch the Clip Here and what they all had to say about Roots.

Photo Credit: Getty Images