The concept of creating the Kubang was release at the North American International Auto Show. Maserati wants to meet the desires of the consumer and right now the Chinese spending big on Luxury Sport Utility Vehicles. They seem to like riding high and doing it in style. Take a look at what we all have to look forward to coming from Maserati.  


Despite the fact that it is being called the alternative choice for Italians, rich Chinese and and wealthy Russians are who Fiat believes will love the Kubang. Luxurious, big, and suited for the fine taste of the upperclass, rich Chinese will love it. The purchase of Luxury Rides is on the rise with deliveries of Maserati's increasing by about 27% in the United States and Canada. The engine is expected to be a grand creation, especially with the "new generation" of Maserati high-tech proprietary engines being designed at the Maserati Headquarters in Italy. The goal of luxury brands is to appeal not only to Americans but the consumers on the road in China and Russia. Giuliano Noci, vice rector for China Campus seems confident that sales for the Kubang will rise stating "owning luxury is a top" priority for rich Chinese. We will just have to see how many of these sell nationwide.