Styled by June has launched and she's taking off and buzzing like runway news! The details in the Super trailer will open up to over 4 minutes, allowing you to peep into the world of June Ambrose as she spreads her energy all over the place. The Effortless Style writer sprinkles her creative magic on everyone looking for a little something extra to make them feel alive again. It's reinvention on a higher level! Before you see the trailer, here is a shot of a June in a rare moment away from her Vh1 mega hit, Styled by June, spending time with her daughter.

The camera caught June Ambrose embracing hands with her daughter Summer walking the streets during a very familiar time, Fashion Week. Giving advice and total style makeovers is her specialty and she's not letting any part of it go to waste. What better way can she instill the importance of her job than to teach it first hand? Life lessons are starting early for little Summer, and Mommy Ambrose is using her actions to sort of create a clone of herself.

Okay, maybe we are going a little to far over here at Abornewords, but if something to do with fashion is the path her little one takes, let's just say she will be well prepared to be successful. The Super Trailer will explain the depth of June Ambrose, showing off her personality as the unexpected seems to unfold at every turn. Ambrose is not letting her ego get in the way either, as she gives us a quick reminder that her talents alone are not the reason she's so successful. Some other talented hands and a little extra brain power is only helping her to achieve great things.

Watch her in action by clicking the star  You'll see just how her influence touches everyone in her circle.  You may even be surprised at who's on Junes List!  Styled by June airs on Vh1 on Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. EST.