The boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit from cold to bubbling, so let's put that hot into perspective. As we think of the different degrees of Kanye's hot, we will try to keep it chilly. It's been a long time coming, but someone has to set the game straight by mentioning that Kanye's lyrics show his concern and consideration for others. When the Chi-Town Rapper dropped College Drop Out, he put music and lyrics to a situation that many college students may find themselves facing at some point. Choosing to stay in school or leave was really not the issue, it was and still is really about self introspection and examining the direction of your life before reaching a point of regret. Kanye West did have his own unique journey that involved higher education. His own journey lead him to ultimately choose to formulate a career in the music industry. Take a look at Mr. West below.

Kanye West - Kanye West Steps Out At London Fashion Week

Make no mistake about it, he had "packs to move" but apparently they were not filled with the wrong things. Those packs must have contained many of his lyrical masterpieces because today, he is a mega superstar! Is he urban? Yes. Can he be a little high brow? Certainly. Both of those things are what make his appeal more luring. At first earful, Blame Game changed everything for me. It shed light on so many unfortunate situations. There is a lot of learning in that song. The level of lyrical sophistication in Blame Game is what I appreciate more than anything. Next, there is All of the Lights. In that song Kanye West rapped about his daugther (no he does not have kids yet) getting out of jail, and again infidelity. All of the Lights showcases Kanye's lyrical range as an artist and a songwriter.

There's no denying the obvious. Love, relationships, and everything that goes along with fame often becomes a part of many of our favorite Kanye West songs. His music explains a lot about the life he leads, including his bachelor status. With all the controversy surrounding his very public relationship to former girlfriend Amber Rose, it is clear that Mr. West has some issues when comes to his personal life.  Creatively, it's like he is walking around with a hard on all the time and the way he releases it is on the mic.  He has a real passion for what he does.