The headline read something like this: Kate On Her Own, yes Kate Middleton apparently will have to do without her Prince William for a little while, but she will have sweet memories floating in her head as she awaits his return. Recently, the couple was photographed arm and arm with a third wheel. Check out the photo and see who was hobbling along on their romantic beach walk.

Kate Middleton and Prince William - The Royal Puppy's Debut

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Their beautiful addition to the family, is in fact, a bundle of joy after all. A Black Cocker Spaniel Puppy made its first appearance with the couple on the wet, soggy sand, as the waves moved in over thier matching galoshes. Kate Middleton and her Prince were perfectly coordinated. Middleton's brunette updo closely matched the smooth hairs of their little puppy love. Her jacket is what caught my eye because of the diamond shaped detail. I own a Marvin Richards Jacket that has that same detail flowing throughout its design. Here it is looking strawberry perfect.

Marvin Richards Jacket

I actually purchased it on sale. There is an inner light lining, so it does not wear heavy. This Marvin Richards Jacket has a medium thickness with a soft outer padded feel. Nice to the touch and cozy. It keeps me comfortable in cool places. The only thing is, I have to be in the mood to wear red. Since I showed you my makeover, and now Cocker Spaniel Royalty, let me show you how Ducan our Wonder Dog is adjusting. He's pictured below getting his bath. Happy living.

Ducan gets a bath