Abornewords has a thing for America as you all may have realized by now. We rep the red, white, and blue every chance we get. When we saw Katy Perry showing off her flirty lashes, in the snapshot above, we felt like going Ham. After everything calmed down, we chose to post our allegiance. What a slick girly fashion statement! Sometimes it's just about being girly and what's more girly than eyelashes? The secret to our charm is often wrapped up in how we give cues using body language. Without talking, our lashes can help us to make a fashion statement especially when they are eye catching like the ones Katy Perry is showing off so well. Our lashes can also help us to do a little innocent flirting. Flirting often gets a bad reputation only because of those few knuckle heads who do it wrong, but for those of us who take a more subtle approach, it feels pleasant and there is no harm done, even if you have a significant other.

Flirting is a step further than an ordinary compliment, but personal beliefs, lifestyle standards, and how boundary levels are set, all play a role in establishing and measuring appropriate behavior. With lashes like Katy's a few bats of the eye is all it takes to get a little attention while you are checking out a handsome gentleman. Nothing more is needed to say you're cute, but a smile wouldn't hurt. If you are in a club, you probably can expect the other party to approach you. In that situation, you are on your own. No matter where you are, a word of caution for those of you who actually get approached, use good judgement.  We are sure that Katy Perry will know what to do.  The songbird has a documentary coming out called A Part Of Me. It's Independence day celebrate. 

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