Kelis - Kelis at the Whiskey Mist night club

Kelis arriving at the Whiskey Mist Nightclub

Maybe it's just me being to involved in the complication of lyrical content, but thre seems to be a connection between two songs from different eras. Sure, I'm all to aware of the fact that songs are sampled everyday to reproduce new and so called improved versions of songs from the past. However, in the case of Mars -vs- Cruisin', it is the meaning of the lyrical content along with how the music flows that brings you back to the romantic times of your teen years.

Smokey Robinson - Eric Roberts and Smokey Robinson at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Smokey Robinson

During that time, you probably learned about music from your mom or dad. Turning on the radio is something a lot of us have always done to get in the spirit of performing better. Cleaning up, working, shopping, exercising, and even sleeping are times when a tune or two can drastically change outcomes. That something the I appreciate. It's about being touched in some way by the music. Mars by Kelis is tarck #8 on the album entitled Kaleidoscope. She goes crazy on the vocals and talks about chemistry, friends, feeling emotions, an spending time with her man. All the while, asking you to get separated from what is suppose to be reality. Mars is a song to listen to when you want to be separated a bit. The crucial part is when she sings "Do you feel what I'm talking bout" at that moment I am always feeling her 100%.

Crusin' is just like that too. The same feeling of taking yourself and your emotions to another place outside of what is normal or expected. When you hear Smokey Robinson singing the vocals, you feel the daze of what dizzy in love is should be. You believe it when you hear him sing "you're gonna fly away" the high of that is something you cant escape. He goes on "glad you're going my way, I love it when we cruisin together".

The romance of the Mars track by Kelis lets you coast in on the vocals and beat just like the Crusin track. The smooth voice of Smokey Robinson never leaves you. Obviously, the feel of good music never dies. Smokey reminds us in song saying "music is played for love" while Kelis doesn't let you forget that we all have emotions by singing "there's a person full of feelings but nobody's there". you never get tired of songs like these two. All you could do is keep enjoying the good music.  Listen to the songs, I'm sure you will love them.  

Photo Credit(s): Pacific Coast News & Bauer Griffin