The buzz is up and posted to her Facebook Page. It's no secret who is #1 over here at Abornewords. She is second to none in her league. Our admiration for what she has accomplished (and is still doing on stage) goes without saying. Before we tell you what Kelis will be digging her heels into next, we want to remind all of her loyal fans that Kelis still has a whole catalog full of great hits. More than enough good music to provide all the company you need until she drops another album. Good news! Kelis is not gone anywhere; she is out on the grind doing as many gigs as she can. Here is Kelis wearing a green get up looking like she is ready to hit the stage.

Don't believe me? Here's the proof and the scoop! Kelis has accepted an International opportunity to perform tomorrow night, in Monaco at the Condamine for the Grand Prix After Party tomorrow night. For more details click the star 

Sounds like the folks in Monaco will have a lot to celebrate on their night out on the town. We wish we could be there cheering Kelis on, singing the lyrics to her Acapella, as she rocks the mic and flaunts her Emancipation all over the stage. Maybe we will make it some other time, but for now we will wait for the press to drop all of the cool pictures and Kelis News. As soon as we get our hands on all the Kelis hot, we will share it with you. Until then, click the star  to check out one of our favorite Kelis songs. Rock it out all you loyal Kelis fans, and you newbies enjoy it and get familiar with our girl. Abornewords loves her style.