Many rappers have rapped about being hood rich and the themes all seem pretty much the same. Big houses, expensive cars, and the latest clothes is how the materialistic values usually play out and spill on wax. Killa Kay Kash Santana is rapping about that material as he goes in hard core studio style. There are feelings of wanting it, needing it, and getting it! Things, things, and more things. If it sounds greedy please don't read to much into the creative. Jay-Z said it best! "Believe half of what you see, none of what you hear" There is a lot of wisdom in that line so I checked everything clear just to finally realize that he had to understand how deep the creative process runs. Killa Kay Kash Santana raps about that material but there is something different about his delivery that has his fans buzzing over how he reps the must haves.

RAP MUSIC / state of texas

Click here to listen for yourself. The Certified Music Family Vet reps that material in his New Orleans style without Gunna's help. This is all Killa Kay Kash Santana banging it out on the mic. He's giving his fans a taste of his technique using his barrel of nine mourth piece. Instead of popping pistols, he is popping deadly words. If staying clear of bullets and a jail cell is not enough to make you applaud, just say a prayer for his competition because he is spitting that fire. Somebody get the water please. Datt Piff has the mixtape(s) for download.